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Why work with me?

Giving you inspiration everyday through the power of Tennis 

Educating, Motivating and Inspiring you to be the best you can possibly be …

Developing life skills as well as tennis skills ...

Having been in the performance coaching industry for many years, I've had many experiences observing and being aware of the standard of players at junior international level.

I began as an apprentice coach age 16 and ever since, have researched the most up to date information in the modern game. I have experienced working in Academies in the USA & Spain, plus analysing teaching systems in France, Italy, and in select academies across eastern Europe


My philosophy when working with a player on a regular basis includes ;

  • Layout an action plan with a variable timescale using the ITF affiliated annual planning.

  • Help the player have their own beliefs, values, attitude and mindsets

  • Creating goals specific to the player (please see below about goal setting) 

  • Linking the above to stage of development (learning to play, train, compete and win).

  • Purposeful repetition with quality volume training.

  • Play SMART tennis, train hard, improve and most importantly.... have fun! 

  • Improve a player when attacking and defending (both include rally!).

  • Create an all round player both in singles and doubles. 

  • Start with an identity the player has then, inform, form and transform. Develop a game style and nurture using appropriate & relevant drills.

  • Developing technical efficiency and effectiveness through timing, rhythm, momentum practice.  

  • Analysing specific scenarios from the match court and improving on the practice court. 

  • A strong passion of mine - "Spanish drills" sessions which are intense whilst also developing rhythm & control in the mind, body, racket and feet.  

  • Big emphasis on "first strike" patterns of play (Serve +1 / Return +1)

  • Former LTA GB National camp drills which challenge head, heart and legs focusing on shot accuracy and mental focus.

  • Develop the player's decision making / reaction / anticipation and reactions in all scenarios using specific patterns of play.

  • Mental skills development using both on & off court exercises / coping mechanisms (routines/habits etc) to develop the players resilience under pressure.

  • Analysing and developing playing against different player game styles in the men's and woman's game. 

  • Develop the player's understanding of managing momentum in the five key stages of the match.

I like to work with a small group of players on a daily basis and as the individual coach, goal setting is important so it's important we do complete the following ;

Goal Setting 

  • Short, mid & long term realistic and SMART goal setting with ongoing observation and monitoring. 

  • Supporting parents with appropriate and relevant tournament planning.

  • Programme scheduling analysing a sensible balance / ratio of squads & 1-1's.

  • Video analysis with six monthly reviewing and re-filming to see progressions.

  • Match charting with a link back to goal setting. 

  • Specific "First Strike" goals linking to the key areas of the game being serve/return.

  • Physical S&C Daily programme (with expert support/colleagues)

  • Tournament work which includes pre, during and post match, reviewing stats, mental and emotional skills, hydration habits, scouting your opponents etc.

I also work closely with parents on a daily basis to help support and guide them through the challenging world of performance tennis.

What parents have said .....


Some of the players I've worked with ...

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